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    Hey i would to know the command to delete a table, and create a table, and a method/command to get all the table names on a screen.<BR><BR>Please Thanks.

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    Default RE: Tables<BR><BR><BR><BR>R&D ADO for field names, and the SQL Drop Table statement.

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    Are you working with SQL Server or Access?<BR><BR>SQl Server:<BR><BR>//Delete a table<BR>Delete from Tablename<BR>Drop Table TableName (table must be empty before can be dropped)<BR><BR>//Create a new table<BR>Create Table tablename<BR>(field1 int identity, field2 nvarchar (50), etc.)<BR>go<BR><BR>//Get all table names<BR>Select Name from SysObjects Where Xtype = 1<BR>Not sure if xtype = 1 is correct, you&#039;ll have to look that one up!<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Dave

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