New database IS created in ADOX. It exists on disk. Modified data exists from Recordset #1 on a form & is persisted in XML format to file. ALL OF this is confirmed. HOW do I fill the newly created Database (created from ADOX&#039;s catalog object)with my modofoed data. I have options as source either the file in XML format persisted to disk or the raw data in the form as text.<BR>The Stream object should allow me to pull this off fairly easily. But Im getting lost in this somewhere. The next thought is the readtext option of the stream object. Please advise !!<BR><BR><BR>Public Function RSfrmXML(sXML As String) As Recordset<BR><BR><BR> Dim ostream As ADODB.Stream<BR> Dim NewRS As ADODB.Recordset<BR> Dim sPro As String<BR> sPro = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51"<BR> <BR> Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection<BR> Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset<BR> Dim cmd As New ADODB.Command<BR> Dim strDatabase As String<BR> Dim strTable As String<BR> <BR> <BR> &#039;snew as new database name & Path<BR> &#039;Sfile as Saved persisted XML data corrected in Form<BR> <BR> <BR>conn.CursorLocation = adUseClient<BR>conn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=" & snew<BR>conn.Open<BR><BR>&#039;ostream.Open<BR>&#0 39;rs.Open sFile<BR>&#039;rs.Save ostream, adPersistXML<BR>NewRS.ActiveConnection = snew<BR>&#039;NewRS.Open "Provider=" & sPro & "; Data Source=" & snew<BR>NewRS.Open ostream<BR>NewRS.UpdateBatch<BR>&#039;ostream.Load FromFile (sFile)<BR><BR>ostream.Close<BR>Set ostream = Nothing<BR><BR>Set RSfrmXML = NewRS<BR><BR>Set frmADOxml.dc1.Recordset = NewRS<BR>&#039;NewRS = Nothing<BR>MsgBox "Whoo Hoo" & "Any Data in the **** Thing Yet?", vbOKOnly, "MechStar"<BR> <BR>End Function<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>