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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m trying to use the AttachFile feature in CDONT. I was wondering how I could define the file to be attached as a variable. This is the system I&#039d like to implement: visitors select pages on a form (tick boxes) and the system automatically sends those files by email. Here is the code I had but this does not work: myMail.AttachFile "e:amaweb emp\" + &#060;%=attach%&#062;<BR><BR>Any clue on how to do that?<BR>I&#039m only just a beginner in ASP!<BR>Thanks for your advice!

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    Try:<BR><BR>FilePath = Server.MapPath("[relative file name]")<BR>myMail.AttachFile FilePath<BR><BR>This way it won&#039t break when it is moved to a different server. If this is not a concern use:<BR><BR>myMail.AttachFile "e:amaweb emp\" & attach<BR><BR>Hope it helps,<BR><BR>Grant D. Skinner<BR>Director,

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