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    Webby Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I currently have a page that is database driven via ASP-SQL. I have several drop down boxes (from tables on the sql server) anyhow, I want to do a page redirect upon certain selection being made. My problem is, i have variables that are lost upon can I fix this?

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    Either session or <BR>page.asp?first=" & value & "&second=" & value

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    webby Guest

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    is it then session("fieldname") or how? Right now, here it is<BR>strFirst=Request.Form("txtFirst")<BR>strLast =Request.Form("txtLast")<BR>strEmail=Request.Form( "txtEmail") <BR>strRequest=Request.Form("select1")<BR>dtmRunRe quest=Request.Form("txtReqDate")<BR>strKeyWords=Re quest.Form("txtKeyWords")<BR>strNewsPick=Request.F orm("cboNewsPaper")

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