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    Randy Guest

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    I&#039m using ASP to build two drop-down list boxes in an html page. The first drop-down contains a list of departments in my company. This is all being generated by running an ASP script that does a series of Response.Write commands. What I want to do is allow the user to select a department and then the second drop-down would be populated with users from that department. My problem is that when I trap the event from the department drop-down, I cannot find a way to fire off the ASP code to populate the other. Can you help? Example code would be great!

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    The effekt you are looking for can (only?) be done with a java-script. How that is done I do not know but a simular thing can be done with ASP and Java.<BR><BR>When U have filled upp the first Drop-down-list you let the user make his selection and then , with java, send him to another page where you use ASP (Request.Form("TheListBox")) to get the result that he choose and then you fill up the &#039next&#039 listbox depending on that.<BR><BR>But with this method you will have to move between pages....

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    KPW Guest

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    I agree with AnAx. Your only solution is JavaScript if you don&#039t want to move between pages. I did something very similar with Microsoft&#039s JScript. (Of course, this had the disadvantage of only being compatible with IE, but I am developing for an intranet and have the luxury.)<BR><BR>Go to and try searching for information on the &#060;SELECT&#062; object.

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    Can only be done with client-side java script.<BR><BR>Check out:

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