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    Is this the right place to put my Responce.Redirect? The page still returns to "Hrs-Survey.asp"<BR><BR>&#060;form method="post" name="main" action="Hrs-Survey.asp" Responce.redirect="Conformation.asp"&#062;

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    no... oh boy... read FAQs

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    no... oh boy... read FAQs

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    wrong...<BR><BR>response redirect can go anywhere IN your ASP when you want to redirect based on a condition - its NOT form specific<BR>e.g.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>if x=true then<BR> response.redirect ("")<BR>else<BR> response.redirect ("")<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;

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    reponse.buffer = true Guest

    Default you need this at top of page


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