IIS vs. Lotus Notes Platform ??

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Thread: IIS vs. Lotus Notes Platform ??

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    Default IIS vs. Lotus Notes Platform ??

    I have a guy that wants to switch web site platform to Lotus Notes from IIS these sites are built with ASP/and DB driven with some CSS..<BR>What would be the horros involved and how can I sell not to do it?<BR><BR>Not to mention the .dll that have been installed..<BR><BR>thanks

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    several things:<BR><BR>1. IIS is fully supported has a large user base with lots and lots of support material for it - lotus notes is PROPRIETARY technology and is ageing...i dont think IBM support the platform any more<BR><BR>2. if lotus notes needs to be used because of the databases, then export those dbases to a SQL server for IIS to use<BR><BR>3. Cost of development - why reinvent the wheel ? IIS is up and running so why even bother ?

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default IIS vs. Domino

    Because I am pretty sure that Domino is the Lotus web server.<BR><BR>I think you can run Domino on w2k. but why. I don&#039;t think ASP will run with Domino, i would imagine Java or lotus script would be used.<BR><BR>IMO, there are lots of M$ haters, but the reality is major product vendors are traditionally safer and IIS has alot more users than Domino (that I have seen) not to mention there are more programmers available for ASP.

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    Default NOOO don't do it

    Notes is a nightmare. None of your ASP will work. You will find that Notes developers are much more expensive than IIS ones.<BR><BR>Tell your man that if he wants to switch to Notes, he will have to find someone else to do the work for him.

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    Default RE: IIS vs. Lotus Notes Platform ??

    Johnny,<BR><BR>I would suggest sitting down with this person and discussing their reasons for wanting to switch. Find out if they have concerns with your current platform or if there is a specific feature/functionality of Domino they like. <BR><BR>Once you have this information, then you can address their concerns and put up an intelligent argument for staying with what you have. <BR><BR>Now with that said, they may have a legitimate reason and case for wanting to switch and I would caution to be careful not to categorically dismiss them. You may find there also may be room for a compromise like keeping your existing IIS/ASP applications and developing some new ones on the Domino platform.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.<BR><BR>Pete C.<BR>peterc8455@yahoo.com<BR>

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