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    Dominic Cort Guest

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    Hi All!<BR><BR>After a few days of battling with one of my asp problems I have given in and admitted defeat! : / I therefore implore your help!<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to create 3 dynamic drop-down boxes, content transferred from access database. So the first box choice would affect the second boxes content, the choice of the second box would then change the content of the third drop box. I have successfully created two dynamic drop-boxes, but cannot create the third. <BR><BR>Can anyone help me? I can send you the database and asp file if wanted.<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Dominic Cort

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    DeltaTom Guest

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    Seems you are using ASP to generate client side HTML and javascript to manage the boxes.<BR><BR>So it seems, this is an HTML question? ..right?<BR>..not an ASP question.. unless your ASP code to create the 3rd box is simply faulty? (which I can&#039;t tell from your msg)

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    Hi, Dominic!<BR>could you resolve your problem?<BR>I am having the same problem if you have the answer, please email me to flacoumette@hotmail.com

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