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    Hi All!<BR><BR>After a few days of battling with one of my asp problems I have given in and admitted defeit! : / I therefore implore your help!<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to create 3 dynamic drop-down boxes, content transferred from access database. So the first box choice would affect the second boxes content, the choice of the second box would then change the content of the third drop box. I have successfully created two dynamic drop-boxes, but cannot create the third. <BR><BR>Can anyone help me? I can send you the database and asp file if wanted.<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Dominic Cort

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    there is two, maybe more, ways to do this.<BR>The first way is to use javascript and build some arrays.<BR>Perhaps an article/demo would be more appropriate:<BR>http://www.atgconsulting.com/triplelist.asp<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>you could create 3 recordset, one for each combobox, then fill the combobox&#039;s and add an "onchange" attribute to the &#060;select&#062;...&#060;/select&#062; which calls a javascript function that takes the item choosen by the user in the &#060;option&#062;...&#060;/option&#062;<BR>Then Refreshs the *same* page but this time requery the database in order to get the new data in your recordset!<BR><BR>OR<BR>This is what I did cause I had too many data so I couldn&#039;t use the javascript approach, it would make my .asp page too long to load.<BR>What I did was, created a 3 &#060;textbox&#039;s&#062; with 3 &#060;small buttons&#062; next to them. When the user clicks on the &#060;small button&#062; I open a new Window. In this new window, I show a list (First Recordset) then he/she makes a choice then the new window closes itself. The user can now click on the other &#060;small button&#062;, but this time I take the value in the first &#060;textbox&#062; which is going to be my criteria!<BR><BR>Do this for each combobox<BR><BR>Now I did some javascript validation so that if the user tries to click on the second &#060;small button&#062; without choosing a value in the first list an alert() box will tell him to choose a value in first list!<BR>

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    What ? youve created 2 dynamic drop down lists BUT not the 3rd ? how come ? whats the problem ? i feel you need to revisit your app as you seem to be 88% there !

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