Hi guys I have a question about secure sockets that I haven&#039;t been able to get an answer to. I read Ian&#039;s article on 4 Guys but it did address this issue. My question is really two parts:<BR><BR>1. After I hard code my URL&#039;s for the secure sockets (https://whatever). If a user hits these pages but then eventually navigates through to a different section of the site it stays on the secure socket. For example if they enter the shopping cart it goes into a secure layer but then if they decide to back out and shop some more they are still on a secure layer. Is there anyway to prevent this - other than hard coding the entire URL for every link?<BR><BR>2. If I have a page that is on a secure layer. Let&#039;s say https://www.whatever.com/shoppingcart.asp - I send them into that secure layer through a button in their cart for checkout. But if I was to key in that URL in my browser as just http:// it will still go to it without being on a secure layer. I&#039;ve seen other sites (particularly my online banking site) that I can key in a URL using just http and it automatically detects and changes it to httpS - how do I do this?<BR><BR>Any help will be much appreciated.