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    Pat Daly Guest

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    I&#039;m trying to develop a website that can support 2 or more different languages. I want to be able to design 1 instance of the web site that dynamically inserts different languages depending on the language the user selects on the home page. I have searched the net for some ideas but can only come up with a few ideas of my own. <BR>I was thinking of storing the text in a database and displaying the language equilivent on the web page. I dont believe this is a good option.<BR>Or maybe I could use a dynamnic include feature.<BR>Any ideas or resources would be much appeciated. I&#039;m sure this problem is not new to web developers.<BR>Thanxs

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    Tooooozious Guest

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    you talking about client side code? if so then ask the user what language they&#039;d like to use on the siet, smack it in a session variable then do a massive if statment everytime you write a bit of code in JS or Client side VBs. That&#039;s what i&#039;d do coz i&#039;m a lazy git.

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    Rhino Guest

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    Yes, that is the way to go. One more thing though. If you name your database fields along the lines of FRStrCompanyName, DEStrCompanyName etc, you can then simply do this:<BR><BR>Response.Write rs(Session("LanguageCode") & "StrCompanyName")

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    I&#039;m also developing an multilingual website and came up with another idea:<BR><BR>On the top of the page (in an INCLUDE file) I create an scripting.dictionary object. To this dictionary I add the lines I want to display:<BR><BR>dim dictLang <BR>set dictLang = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")<BR><BR>&#039; English:<BR>dictLang.Add "en_home_title", "Welcome to my website"<BR><BR>&#039;German:<BR>dictLang.Add "ge_home_title", "Wilkommen auf..."<BR><BR>I do this for all the lines I need to response.write. Then when I want to write an line I use the following code:<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Write dictLang.Item(strLang &"_home_title")%&#062;.<BR><BR>strLang is depending on the selected language "en" or "ge" or ..<BR><BR>The "dynamic pages" are built like this, but for the (few) static pages whith lots and lots of text I created an page for every language which is in its own directory (EN/GE etc.) The directories are then choosen dynamically, according to the value of strLang.<BR><BR>My inlcude file with the languages is over 600 lines and I don&#039;t notice any performance problems. <BR><BR>However, if you&#039;re gonna need an include file with thousands of lines and many, many visitors a day you&#039;d probably be better off using databases. But for me this solution works fine. <BR>One more thing: you have to close the dictionary on every page (in the footer??) using<BR><BR>function cleanup()<BR> cleanup = dictLang.RemoveAll <BR> set cleanup = Nothing<BR>end function<BR><BR>Maybe this &#039;ll give you something to start with.<BR><BR>Peter.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks Peter <BR>Thats an interesting idea. Should do the job for me.<BR>C ya

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