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    Here is the situation: For my ASP page, a user selects a list of files. Then my ASP page retrieves the files info (path, version #, etc.) from an Access database. Here is my main problem: I need to launch a program (Windiff) that will involve files on the client computer and the server. I am not sure what is the best method to do this.<BR><BR>I currently plan to create and launch a shell on the client computer, pass it the info for all the files. The shell would parse the file info and launch Windiff. The results of Windiff would be stored in a log file that the ASP would read. One of my concerns is that I might end up passing a VERY long argument to the shell involving the file info. <BR><BR>1) What is the easiest way to do this?<BR>2) What is the best way to do this?<BR>3) If I wanted to access files on the client computer and they arent in a share, what type of permissions would I need?<BR><BR>If anyone can answer any of these questions I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.<BR><BR>PS - My knowledge is limited to ASP (VBScript), C/C++, and XML. A solution involving COM would be very hard for me.

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    You probably can NOT use WinDiff with a file from the client computer. That would only work *if* the client file was on the LAN with you *AND* if the file is in a shared directory. And figuring out the path to it would be a pain.<BR><BR>It would be easier, in the long run, to upload the client file to the server (see 4Guys for articles on uploading files) and then do the windiff.<BR><BR>As for running the executable: There are products (including a component from MS, again see 4Guys) that allow you to run command line driven programs from ASP. *IF* Windiff can be run 100% command line driven (no user interaction) you can maybe make this work. If the MS one won&#039;t do the job, check out the one from -- I&#039;ve heard it&#039;s a little bit more flexible.<BR><BR>

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    It would seem, that if you are concerned about command line size, that you could generate a .BAT file to run (using the FileSystemObject) that breaks up the arguments so you don&#039;t have command lines that are too long.<BR><BR>Then you could have shell run cmd.exe which would run the script.<BR><BR>Tom<BR><BR>

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