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Thread: ASP or ASP.NET?

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    Default ASP or ASP.NET?

    I've just recently got into using ASP and am on a pretty steep learning curve but getting there slowly. I use sites like this and 4guys to help with a lot of my coding. But, increasingly I find the ASP sites are writing ASP.NET articles and less and less ASP stuff. Am I wasting my time learning ASP? Is it a doomed technology? Just as I'm getting to grips with it do I need to go and learn a heap of other new programming languages like C#? Confused.

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    Default ASP will be around for a while yet

    Most of our sites are still on NT4 - not even windows 200, so don&#039;t expect a rocket-like uptake of ASP.NET in the corporate sector just yet. ASP is still a viable technology for a couple of years, and it&#039;ll ease the curve into .NET anyway (which is a tougher framework to learn, IMO)<BR><BR>j

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    Default To be or not to be

    ASP.Net is not even released yet. <BR><BR>Once it is released, there will undoubtably be some "early adopters" who leap in and start developing with it immediately, but the VAST majority of companies will bide their time and waait for service pack 3 to come out and fix all the bugs/security holes that will inevitably emerge.<BR><BR>Even then, there will be a demand for ASP skills as many companies will see no point in completely re-writing existings applications which work perfectly well - particularly as they will run happily side by side with ASP.Net applications.<BR><BR>If you want to continue in the ASP arena, you will need to learn ASP.Net, but for the time being I would concentrate on gaining good ASP skills which will see you in good stead for when you need to learn ASP.Net.<BR><BR>&#060;disclaimer&#062;All the above opinions are merely my personal view, and should not be taken as being in any way correct. I accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by you believing a single word I have written.&#060;/disclaimer&#062;

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