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    I can't get my Cdon't to work on my server. the script I have works fine and works on the development server. no error is produced. any one know what it might be:???

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    First off I would check to make sure that the SMTP Service is running on the production server.<BR><BR>If it is, the next thing I would check is the InetPubMailRoot folder. Check the BadMail folder to see if any of your messages are in there. Also check the Queue folder to see if the messages are in there.<BR><BR>If it works in development, and you&#039;re not getting any errors when running the script in production, that usually indicates a server side issue, such as SMTP not running, or the mail profile not being correct.<BR><BR>Also check the event log for any SMTP errors, such as "Remote delivery to domain failed."<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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