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    DeltaTom Guest

    Default Seeking SMTP Server for ASP

    I am seeking a component that:<BR><BR>0. Sends email (with attachments, html) from ASP pages.<BR><BR>1. Will not slow down ASP pages (as in it queues<BR> the outgoing mail to another service that does<BR> the actual send)<BR><BR>2. Does not require an SMTP server, but rather actually<BR> performs as an SMTP relay itself. (this seems the<BR> problem requirement.. many components can run if<BR> you give them an SMTP server that will accept their<BR> relay.)<BR><BR>Sub-Question:<BR> I see that MS&#039;s CDONTS.NewMail object coupled with<BR> the MS SMTP service might do it, but I don&#039;t know if<BR> NewMail queues, and/or if MS SMTP needs another SMTP<BR> server or if it effectively does the relay.<BR><BR>Any help greatly appreciated.<BR>Tom<BR>

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    Mark Ewer Guest

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    The ms CDONTS.NewMail object is only a wrapper for the Microsoft SMTP service. It creates the mail and sends it to the SMTP service. The SMTP service then sends the mail by relaying it on to the destination mail server. So, this does meet your first requirement of background processing. <BR><BR>It IS an SMTP server, so it doesn&#039;t need any additional systems, so I am not sure if it meets your second or not. I think what you meant by that statement was that you did not want to set up an additional SMTP server. If that is the case, then this will work.<BR><BR>On the bright side, MS SMTP is free (with your liscense for NT) and it is fairly fast. Just make sure that you set the SMTP service to only allow relaying from localhost or spammers will blast you with thousands of email relays.<BR><BR>Mark Ewer<BR>Web Application Developer, MCSE<BR>LSI (

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    DeltaTom Guest

    Default RE: Seeking SMTP Server for ASP

    Thanks Mark<BR><BR>Sounds like it will work for me, yes.<BR><BR>My #2 refered to most ASP mail sending components which require an SMTP server specification, and can&#039;t really send "relay" themselves.<BR><BR>But I guess I could use them, as long as the SMTP Server is running..<BR><BR>Am setting it up now..<BR><BR>Will report if there are problems.. ;-)<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Tom

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    Default mail WITHOUT SMTP server

    Setting up an SMTP can be a nightmare and there are quite a few other reasons for not doing it. WITHOUT the need an SMTP server, I have succesfully used ASPMAIL (from, I guess), which allows for relaying via your messenger. From the comparision chart published in, it may be the only such component with this feature. <BR>I have worked very succesfully ever since. closed my SMTP (therefore providing better security to my sesrver)

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    DeltaTom Guest

    Default RE: mail WITHOUT SMTP server

    Sad thing is.. I actually bought this years ago, but my server crashed and I have lost my code I think.. ;-)

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