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    normally when i use ado and sql server, the fields in the database that i have to program for are of relatively common data types that correspond intuitively to ado&#039;s enumerated data types (e.g., adInteger, adVarChar, etc.)<BR><BR>i&#039;m working on an app right now that uses sqldmo to dynamically find out what data type (according to sqlserver) a field is and then generate some code which requires me to convert the description of the data type into its ado equivalent<BR><BR>for example, if a field is a sql server data type, "smallint", the code generated uses the enumerated type, "adSmallInt"<BR><BR>now, the problem is, i can&#039;t seem to find any references to illustrate to me how the data types in ado correspond to those in sql server<BR><BR>hopefully someone here can either tell me, or at least point me in the right direction<BR><BR>here are the sql server data types that i&#039;m not sure about:<BR><BR>bit (i&#039;m guessing it&#039;s adSmallInt)<BR>float (i&#039;m guessing it&#039;s adDouble)<BR>image<BR>nchar<BR>ntext<BR>nvarchar<B R>real (maybe it&#039;s an adDouble too)<BR>smalldatetime (it would probably work with an adDate)<BR>smallmoney (i&#039;m guessing adCurrency)<BR>text<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated<BR><BR>thanks

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    there should be something in MSDN on this - if not, then Books Online has info on ADO interaction. I&#039;ll give it a check-through when I have a free couple of minutes...<BR><BR>j

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