my duplicate query ....<BR>qryDupes = "Select DateSubmitted, Count(DateSubmitted) as Duplicates from eREPORT Group by DateSubmitted Having COUNT(DateSubmitted) &#062; 1"<BR><BR> working and displays my recordset like this...<BR> DateSubmitted Duplicates<BR> 8/13/01 4:07:50 PM 2<BR><BR>This result is a valid duplicate which is great but I&#039;d really like to break this out so that in my recorset code I could do a <BR> rs.move first<BR> rs.delete<BR><BR>where I would be having 2 records in this recordset and then scrolling to the 1st one of the duplicates and deleting it?<BR><BR>Is this possible to tweak my query a little to accomplish this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for all the previous help,<BR>Jose