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    I have a text area box, and i am trying to have a dialog box pop up when a user hits submit and and there is no information in the textarea box. <BR><BR>It works for input type but not for text area, what can i do here? <BR>

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    Default *** CROSSPOST ***

    See other forum where you posted this.<BR><BR>And stop crossposting. It makes us very cross.<BR><BR>

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    Default this is js

    what you are trying to do is javascript. It is very simple but I recommend that you do it server side (js is client side). Simply because people can download your page and edit the js and submit. Its just not as secure as using ASP on the server side. do a search on form validation in 4guysfromrolla.com and you will see both server and client side adv/disadv. Check it up and make your choice.<BR><BR>Have fun<BR>Mike M

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    Joe Maj Guest

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    ok, sorry, no one was answering in the other forum. I posted the code is JScript Q&A

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