Recently we upgraded our front-end server (Running Site Server 3.0 Commerce<BR>Edition, SP 3), SQL 6.5, IIS4.0 on NT (SP3). to a Dell PowerEdge... The Dell<BR>came preinstalled with SP 5 (Even though Site Server recommends SP3 to be used<BR>with it). We got Site Server 3.0 CE, SP 3, up and running and converted our<BR>databases to SQL 7.0. After about 6 hours of running users intermittenly received<BR>the following error, sometimes vanishing after refreshing or constantly being<BR>received until the machine was rebooted:<BR><BR>Event ID 5: Error: File &#060;path to asp file&#062; Unexpected error<BR>*<BR>and users see this message:<BR>*<BR>error &#039ASP 0115&#039<BR>Unexpected error<BR>&#060;path to asp file&#062;<BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.<BR><BR>All ASP files give this error and we cannot figure out why it is doing this on<BR>the new server, with an identical setup to the orignal except for the service<BR>pack 5 and sql 7.0. Please help!!!