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Thread: IE Netscape or Opera?!?

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    Default IE Netscape or Opera?!?

    Hello,<BR>I need to find out which browser is being used!<BR>Is there any way I can do it using ASP?<BR>Thanks a lot.

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    Default Check these out...

    &#060;%<BR><BR> Dim oCtrl<BR> <BR> For Each oCtrl in Request.ServerVariables<BR> response.write oCtrl & "&nbsp;&nbsp;" & Request.ServerVariables(oCtrl) & "<BR>"<BR> Next<BR><BR>%&#062;

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    On our site, I have the start page display nothing, and run a javascript that uses client side detection to populate hidden fields on a from, then submit the form. At this point, all the browser info can be put into session variables, and accessed through ASP from there on out.<BR><BR>I have found the MSWC.BrowserType component not to be accurate.

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