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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have a variable that contains the output from a &#060;select&#062; w/ multiple so its data looks something like this "xx, xx, xx, xx"<BR><BR>Is there an easy way to stuff the values into a dictionary object or array? I wish to be able to perform an action based upon each individual item. I thought of parsing the string around the commas but this seemed to lack elegence.<BR>Any ideas?<BR>Thanks<BR>Brian

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    Default Count property of Request.Form

    Use the count property of response object like so:<BR><BR>for i=1 to Request.Form("SelectName").Count<BR><BR> Response.Write(Request.Form("SelectName")(i) & "<BR>")<BR><BR>next <BR><BR>I would skip the dictionary altogether. As this will let you perform an action on each item selected

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