Start with:<BR>invoicerecord_add.asp Get input data<BR><BR>on submit go to invoicerecord_add_i.asp<BR>if no time records for invoice<BR>set session varables to pass data to invoicerecord_add_notimerec.asp<BR>Read data from sesssion variables into dim variable<BR>Set session variables to blank<BR>Create input fields as hidden so i can pass them<BR>Display data and ask if they want to add anyway<BR>If yes then go to Invoicerecord_add_notimerec_i.asp<BR>and insert data.<BR><BR>My question is? Is this a good way to pass this information through session variables. I only do that because i send the data to a page where where i process it. This page is invoicerecord_add_i.asp. From there if no time records i send it to a another page to display the data invoicerecord_add_notimerec.asp but its not accessible because i wrote it out using &#060;%= rs("data") %&#062; <BR><BR>Now if they press add invoice i still need to access it. By passing it in a session variable and then making it into an input field thats hidden i have access to it.<BR><BR><BR>Or should i pass it and put it into an input field thats disable. Then the user can see it, not beable to change it but when they press add i still have access to it.