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Thread: first asp page takes ages to load!

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    Default first asp page takes ages to load!

    I have a page called script.asp that displays some simple text and buttons. When you press one of these buttons the form action takes you back to script.asp but with an ID in the URL (e.g. script.asp?ID=2). The page then displays some different buttons depending on the URL variable. This proccess continues until you "navigate" to the end of the script. <BR><BR>My problem is that the initial script.asp page with URL variable ID=1 takes about 20 times longer than any other page to load. It has the same amount of text and buttons as any other???<BR><BR>Does ASP/IIS take longer to kick out the first page? Is this a client/server issue with HTTP connections being made or headers or something? Or what about internet connection speed? <BR><BR>I though it might be a DNS issue but the same thing happens using the public IP instead of the domain name. WHY DOES INITIAL CONTACT TAKE SO LONG!!!!!!<BR><BR>If anyone could help me resolve this I would be most grateful<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>JooTooMan<BR><BR >

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    Default I would have to go with your code

    Maybe you just have it coded "badly" and it takes time.

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    Default RE: I would have to go with your code

    But the page is exactly the same! Nothing changes apart from a few lines of text. It&#039;s the same amount of text so code shouldn&#039;t effect load time.

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