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    Can some one please guide me how to import the data from different file types into SQL Server.<BR>I am given a task of extracting data from different files(of whose,i presume, types been deliberately altered to confuse).<BR>The file types in windows explorer I see are, mds,not,tin,tot etc. When I open these files in text editor, i could see the data in unreadable format.<BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>Madhu

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    Madhu! Guest

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    Thanks! But I&#039;ve been trying with that! What should i specify at data souce, as i don&#039;t know the source data base. I tried giving text file but it says, " COULD NOT FIND THE SELETED ROW DELIMITER WITH IN THE FIRST 8KB OF DATA. IS THE SELECTED ROW DELIMITER VALID???I DON&#039;T KNOW THE DELIMITER EITHER!!!!!!!!

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    Send me a copy of the datasource to

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