Hello all,<BR><BR>This question has to do with a database that can be accessed from the world wide web. <BR><BR>In a nutshell I have to power down if I make mistakes when changing ASP code. <BR><BR>First let me say that I have Win 95, IE 5.0, and Personal Web Server 4.0 installed on my system. <BR><BR>I have successfully set up a DSN and I am displaying a column from an Access Database. <BR><BR>I am trying to make changes inside of the While Not, Wend loop (shown below) to show more columns. <BR><BR>While Not objRec.EOF<BR>Response.Write objRec("ArtistName")<BR>objRec.MoveNext<BR>Wend<BR ><BR><BR>If I make a mistake when changing this code the file will not load and my computer will just hang! I will not be able to access any other files in that virtual folder. <BR><BR>I can still load files from other virtual folders and they will run just fine. <BR><BR>I have experienced this many times when making changes to ASP files. <BR><BR>I know that a program is still running when this happens because if I try to reboot I get the Wait frame that tells me to Wait... because a program is still running. <BR><BR>I must always power down when this happens and it is causing me to waste a great deal of time and I am going crazy. <BR><BR>Oh... I always shut down PWS and IE 5.0 and then I turn them back on, but this action does nothing. I still cannot access anything in that folder. <BR><BR>I would greatly appreciate anyone&#039s help. <BR><BR>Regards <BR>Edward Casey<BR>edcasey@msn.com<BR><BR><BR>