Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I have been using ASP Cookies with the code:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("CookieName")("Key") <BR><BR>To create multiple entries in the same cookie using keys. I need to use client-side JavaScript to read/update some of these cookies set by ASP, the problem is that as far as I know cookies set by JavaScript do not use names or keys.<BR><BR>The code for JavaScript cookies I use is:<BR><BR>document.cookie = "A Value"<BR><BR>But the cookie that is set in JavaScript does not have a name or a key, so how can i access this in ASP? and also how can I access a cookie in JavaScript with a name and key that was set in ASP?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Jarvis