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    I want to be able to give the user the functionality of traversing the database with the following four buttons. Move First, Move Next, Move Previous and Move Last. I have tried this with disasterous consequences. On MoveFirst and MoveLast they both come up with the message of <BR><BR>"Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record."<BR><BR>rather than display the record. Move Next works once but then if you request move next it just displays the current record again. While move previous just errors.<BR><BR>Does anybody have any experience of such functionality, that works?!? <BR><BR>

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    This woiuld be dependant on the cursor type you use when opening the recordset. Are youtrying to do this on the client, or server side? <BR><BR>Maybe look into client side browsing?<BR><BR>or, find another way to display the record you want to see, Ie do it with sequel. Like if you have an ID field in your db that is a consecutive autonumber, on entry to the page, select the MIn(AutoNumber), will return first record, then movePrevious = Select * from Table where AutoNumber = (CurrentAutoNumber - 1)<BR><BR>and so on!<BR><BR>Move first is Select Min(Autonuimber, nextfield, nextfield<BR>MoveLast is Slect Max(AutoNumber)<BR><BR>Thats All I can suggest!<BR>HTH<BR>Dave

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