I&#039m having a very strange problem. I&#039m using the component ASPInet to be able to FTP files off an FTP server. However, it seems that ASPInet is caching the files it is receiving, so subsequent attempts to download a file results in the cache filed to be returned. The component is running on an IIS 4.0 / NT 4.0 w/ Service Pack 4. The FTP server is on another Windows NT. I verified that the cache is being stored on the IIS server (restarting IIS clears this cache), and NOT on the FTP server (restarting the FTP server has no effect).<BR><BR>*Any* suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I&#039ve seen this exact problem mentioned on the Usenet, but none of them had a solution to it. I&#039m willing to use another FTP component, if anyone can refer me to one.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Hagop Janoyan<BR>hagop@ucla.edu