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    I have some processing to do that takes<BR>between 4 and 9 secs.<BR>I want to show a &#039;This data is being processed&#039; message<BR>and then show the results when the processing is done.<BR>If i use flush to show such a message then how can i <BR>cover up the message when the processing is done ....<BR>an alternative would be to re-directy away but i cant<BR>do this after a flush<BR><BR> thanks in advance<BR><BR>sara<BR><BR>

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    Default best you can do....

    .. is hide the message, not wipe it. write it in an absolutely positioned &#060;div&#062;, then when the data has downloaded, trigger a javascript/dHTML function to hide it.<BR><BR>see the post below for how to hide/show layers.<BR><BR>j

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