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    I have a file (adovbs.inc) that defines all the ado variables in text, I have used this many times, but when I&#039;ve tried to use it in a different file and I get the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0411&#039; <BR><BR>Name redefined <BR><BR>/adovbs.inc, line 14 <BR><BR>Const adOpenForwardOnly = 0<BR>------^<BR><BR>which is caused by this line:<BR><BR>&#039;---- CursorTypeEnum Values ----<BR>Const adOpenForwardOnly = 0<BR><BR>I can&#039;t figure out why it would do this, any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Default Multiple inclusions

    The probable cause is that you include the file in more than one place.

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