Adding a Field to an Existing Table?

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Thread: Adding a Field to an Existing Table?

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    Default Adding a Field to an Existing Table?

    This seems pretty basic, but I can&#039;t find the answer. <BR><BR>I have an existing SQL database table that I want to add another FIELD to. Is this possible? I figure it is accomplished with a basic command statement, but I can&#039;t seem to find the answer to this simple question on any of the ASP sites.<BR><BR>Thanks for any replies.

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    Default Here you go....<BR><BR>Incidentally, this site is a great Jet SQl and ADO reference.<BR><BR>

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    Default thanks!

    I knew it had to be something very basic. I suppose if I had searched with "Add Column" rather than "Add Field" I might have found something. Thanks again, that&#039;s exactly what I needed.

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