Can't access ASP's with anonymous authen

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Thread: Can't access ASP's with anonymous authen

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    &nbsp;<BR>If I turn on basic authentication on IIS 5 and log in as administrator everything works fine. <BR><BR>I created the simplest possible asp page<BR>(something like &#060;% response.write("hello world") %&#062;. <BR><BR>If I try to access this page with anonymous access I get a "forbidden" message (403.1?<BR>I don&#039;t have the exact error message because I&#039;m not at work but it mentions a problem with the ACL for the resource) A straight HTML file in the same directory with exactly the same file permissions can be accessed just fine. <BR><BR>signed<BR>Despairing in Dearborn

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    yes - the *actual files* have NTFS restrictions. Use windows explorer, right click the root folder and add read/write permissions for IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; - make sure it propagates to the subfolders - voila, no more 401.<BR><BR><BR>j

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