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    Hi<BR><BR>We have an application developed using ASP, a bit of VB Components, a few Java classes and ORACLE as the backend. I need to then do the following:<BR><BR>1. Copy files to specific directories.<BR>2. Copy and run batch files or executables to setup an ORACLE DB.<BR>3. Copy and register DLLs.<BR>4. Configure IIS automatically.<BR>5. Copy, register and setup ODBC files to the DB.<BR><BR>All this by running one setup file. <BR><BR>The question is, HOW?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Jayant.

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    You will have to write your own setup.exe using VB preferably, although you can use other distribution tools as well.<BR><BR>In case you have the complete set of VB 5.0 installation, look into the setupkitkitfiles folder. There is a complete project on making distribution diskettes. You will have to modify certain procedures in this project to customise your installation process. This i think is the fastest and the surest solution to your problem<BR><BR>Nilesh Deshpande<BR>

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