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Thread: mySQL via OLEDB

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    Default mySQL via OLEDB

    Is anyone aware of the connection string (if one exists) to connect to a mySQL database via OleDb? I'm working with the .NET framework Beta 2, which means DSN's are out. The only mySQL driver for windows that I've found is myODBC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I doubt seriously...

    ...if any OLE DB driver exists for any products except MS products, or those which MS has chosen to officially acknowledge.<BR><BR>Since MySQL is a freebie, MS isn&#039;t likely to take kindly to it, and nobody else has the wherewithall to produce an OLE DB driver, so...<BR><BR>Not being nasty, just telling it as I see it. We are fortunate that MyODBC is as robust as it is.<BR><BR>

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