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    Default Mutiple WHERE clauses.... Help

    I guess I should brush up on my SQL! I am trying to select records that is either one or another. Would this be right?<BR><BR>select * from LessonPlans where Grade=1 OR 2<BR>or<BR>select * from LessonPlans where Grade =&#039;Kindergarten&#039; OR &#039;Preschool&#039;<BR><BR>I think it is, but I can&#039;t quite remember. I tried serching for it but nothing came up.<BR>TIA<BR><BR>

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    Default No that is not right

    select * from LessonPlans where Grade in (1,2)<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>select * from LessonPlans where Grade = 1 or grade = 2<BR><BR><BR>

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    Michael V Guest

    Default Thanks!


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