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Thread: this is driving me crazy.....

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    hi!<BR>this this that is happenning is just, juST, JUST driving me crazy. i don&#039;t know if the asp message board is the right forum for this problem, but who knows, you might just have the answer.<BR><BR>sometimes when i am testing my scripts online i keep the following applications open.<BR><BR>1. internet explorer<BR>2. ftp application to upload the script on the server<BR>3. note pad containing the htm script<BR><BR><BR><BR>i modify my script and save it. the using the ftp application i upload it on the server and click refresh or the go button. at times the page on the browser refuses to show the change i have made in the script no matter what i do.<BR><BR>i double check by downloading the same script i uploaded and check it by running it on my browser on my machine. it happens to show the latest changes.<BR><BR>i even changed the internet option &#062; general &#062; settings to every visit to the page and even cleared the cache.<BR><BR>did i miss out anything.<BR><BR>any suggestions.<BR><BR>

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    Try putting this in at the top of your asp.<BR>Response.Expires = -1442

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