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    Hi Yawll!<BR><BR>I&#039;m a long time user of ASP and MS technologies used within IIS on windows. Recently, I was given some web space by a friend w/ a dedicated server, he&#039;s running RedHat Linux and Chili ASP.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve searched around the net but for the life of me I can&#039;t find one good resource on using ADO to manipulate a MySQL database.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me to some links, info, or examples of how it&#039;s done and what is needed to do it?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Whatcha need to know???<BR><BR>Actually, the ADO in ChiliSoft ASP is pretty much compatible. A few things missing (like RecordSet.GetString, sigh). But otherwise...<BR><BR>Are you, perhaps, more interested in the difference between the SQL language, as supported by MySQL vs. other DBs? If so, the MySQL web site is surely the best reference place.<BR><BR>There are some major differences in Date/Time values (but not as different as DB2 and Oracle!) compared to Access. And the biggest thing missing are Sub-Selects (huge sob!). Plus, although you can *specify* referential integrity, it isn&#039;t actually enforced by the DB engine ("real soon now," according to the MySQL people).<BR><BR>Yet the bulk of all SQL you have used will work pretty well with MySQL.<BR><BR>Do be sure to use the ChiliSoft docs. If something seems to be missing, check the CS docs before assuming it actually is:<BR><BR>But ask specific questions. And don&#039;t be afraid to bug with support questions. And there *is* a forum on the CS web site, specifically for Linux users.<BR><BR>

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