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    CAP Guest

    Default #include help required !!

    Anybody know why my output is inserting the charactars ÿþ before my include output is showing?<BR>I&#039;m developing on w98 using pws. My include file has the .asp extension.

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    Joel N Guest

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    Quick guess...<BR><BR>You may have some unprintable characters in the file. Does it only happen with one particular include file, or others also? If only one particular include causes it then make sure that file is "clean". Open it in different editors (WordPad, Notepad, Word,....) and see what it looks like in them. You may see some "garbage" in one of those editors that doesn&#039;t show in another one.<BR><BR>

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    CAP Guest

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    Thanks Joel-- Garbage was there!<BR>Great guess. I had to open in another editor to find it.

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