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    How can I make sure that I won&#039;t be receiving unfilled informations in my emails?<BR><BR>I am using<BR>if Request.Form("isSubmitted") ="yes" then...<BR><BR>for blank field validation AND cDONTS email submission.<BR><BR>I want to stop having emails sent to me with unfilled informations. So how can I do the email validation first and then have the email sent to me when all informations are filled?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Use JavaScript validation...

    Go check out and the JavaScript FAQ for ideas on form validation.<BR><BR>You *can* do the validation in ASP code, but that means you can&#039;t do it until the user has submitted the form. And if there is a problem, then getting back to the form with all the info entered so far still intact is a real pain.<BR><BR>MUCH better to form validation in the browser, using JavaScript.<BR><BR>

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