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    If I wanted to put in an if statement saying that <BR> <BR> if Request.form("requireddivision") = "select your Division"<BR> <BR>how would I finish the statement to tell the program to delete or not pass the submitted to the database?<BR>

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    How about<BR><BR>if Request.form("requireddivision") &#060;&#062; "select your Division" then <BR><BR>^^ do everything here<BR><BR>else<BR> ^^ don&#039;t do anything, tell them they need to put something in<BR><BR>end if <BR>

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    Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>would stop anything after this statement from happening. However, it looks like this is a rewuired field on your form; therfore, you&#039;d probably want to tell the user that they need to go back and pick from the (dropdown?) control on the page. The simplest way would be;<BR><BR>if Request.form("requireddivision") = "select your Division"<BR>Response.Write("The division field is required. Please &#060;a href=&#039;" & Request.ServerVariables("http_referer") & "&#039;&#062;Try again&#060;/a&#062;")<BR>Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>There are a ton of other ways to accomplish the same thing, and I&#039;m sure someone else here will add to this. I usually use client-side form validation myself-this seems to keep data integrity pretty regular...<BR><BR>Hope this helps...<BR><BR>

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    I already have a JavaScript program that tells the user to go back and fill finish the form but the page still submits.<BR><BR>How would I state: <BR><BR>if Request.form("requireddivision")&#060;&#062;"selec t your division" then<BR>clear this.form <BR>end if

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