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    I am trying to display data from the database onto the web. Basically it is a report. And I want to display it page by page. But I don't want to go each and everytime to database for each page. What I am thinking is getting all the data into javascript and then do paging. The largest report is having 5000 records. Is it advisible to do this? And I need help on getting data from asp into javascript. How can I do that? Is there any example available anywhere? Thanks..David

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    Default 5000 records times how big?

    How big is each record? In text form, remember!<BR><BR>Typical, for display in a web page, is probably 100 to 200 characters?<BR><BR>So, to just *start* viewing your data, the user has to transfer a half megabyte to a megabyte of data to their browser??<BR><BR>If all your users have T1 connections, that might be okay. But the poor guy with a 33.6K modem is looking at roughly 200 to 400 seconds before he can start looking at those records.<BR><BR>Your call.<BR><BR>Personally, I&#039;d start looking at some of the paging articles on this site and others. You can start in the ASPFAQs.<BR><BR>If you want a *really* sophisticated system, you use a hidden frame that loads the data in chunks, maybe 100 records at a time, copying each chunk into a master array of data in the main frame and then doing an automatic re-load of the frame using ASP to ask for the next chunk of 100. That way, the user can *immediately* see the first 100 records and, as he/she is ready to scroll to the next 100, the data should have already arrived.<BR><BR>But boy that&#039;s a lot of work. <BR><BR>Do you *REALLY* expect somebody to scroll through 5000 records on-line??? Wouldn&#039;t it be smarter to give them a message that says "I found 5000 matches. That&#039;s too many. Would you like to refine your search and try to find a more reasonable number of matches?"<BR><BR>

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