Hello<BR><BR>I am currently writing a web stats program using ASP. I am taking an existing html file and adding the following code.<BR><BR>&#060;script language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>function pr(n) <BR>{<BR> document.write(n,"
");<BR>}<BR><BR>var sReferrer = document.referrer;<BR>var sLocation = location.href;<BR>var sPageName = "index.html"<BR>var nWidth = screen.width;<BR>var nHeight = screen.height;<BR>var sResolution = nWidth + "x" + nHeight<BR><BR>if ( sReferrer.length == 0 ) {<BR> sReferrer = "No Referrer";<BR>} <BR>r="&resolution="+sResolution+"&location="+sLoc ation+"&referrer="+sReferrer+"&pagename="+sPageNam e;<BR>r+="&js=yes"<BR><BR>pr("&#060;IMG BORDER=0 HEIGHT=0 WIDTH=0 SRC=\"http://www.onlinewebstats.com/updatedata.asp?name=webstats"+r+"\"&#062;")<BR><BR >&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>The above script is calling the updatedata.asp ok but the problem I&#039;m having is when I use the GetExtProperties command in BrowserHawk the updatedata.asp script terminates at that line. I&#039;ve tried running the asp directly and it works fine.<BR><BR>Anybody encountered the same problems?