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    Sébastien D'Errico Guest

    Default Win2000, WinNT4, Win98, mmm......

    Hi !<BR><BR>I wish to thank you greatly for you four. Numbers of articles help me trougth ASP. <BR><BR>Now, I got a strange problem. I don&#039;t know if you can help me. In article you wrote at called "Creating Zip Files on the Fly". <BR><BR>Your code was:<BR><BR> 1 &#060;html&#062;<BR> 2 &#060;body&#062;<BR> 3 &#060;%<BR> 4 Dim strResult<BR> 5<BR> 6<BR> 7 &#039;Create an instance of the component <BR> 8 set javaObject = GetObject("java:ZipFunctions")<BR> 9 <BR>10 &#039;Execute the test method and output its result<BR>11 strResult = javaObject.test()<BR>12 response.write strResult<BR>13 <BR>14 &#039;Clean up!<BR>15 set javaObject = nothing<BR>16 %&#062;<BR>17 &#060;/body&#062;<BR>18 &#060;/html&#062;<BR><BR><BR>I put this code on my workstation ( win98 ) for testing and it was successfull. After, I copy it to our win2000 server. Same as win98, successfull. For some reason, we have to move to another server, this one is on winNT4 server. I got this result when I execute the code :<BR><BR>error &#039;800401e4&#039; <BR>Invalid syntax <BR><BR>/Internet/Test/ZipTest.asp, line 8 <BR><BR>So, I updrage the script engine because the GetObject Function works only for version5. I use this code to assure the version of the script engine :<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR> Function GetScriptEngineInfo<BR> Dim s<BR> s = "" <BR> s = ScriptEngine & " Version "<BR> s = s & ScriptEngineMajorVersion & "."<BR> s = s & ScriptEngineMinorVersion & "."<BR> s = s & ScriptEngineBuildVersion<BR> GetScriptEngineInfo = s &#039; Return the results.<BR> End Function <BR><BR> Response.Write(GetScriptEngineInfo)<BR>%&#062;<BR> <BR>And I got this result : VBScript Version 5.5.6330 . So, everything should be nice ? Do you have any idea why the test code works fine for win98 and win2000 and not for winNT4 ? I seek information about this problem. I didn&#039;t found a lot.<BR><BR>Thanks for any advices !<BR>Have a nice day !<BR>Sébastien D&#039;Errico.<BR>

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    Default what about your java VM?

    is that up to date?

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    Sébastien D'Errico Guest

    Default RE: IT WORKS !!! THANKS A LOT !!!! REALY A LOT !!

    Thanks, it took 2 secs to update the java virtual machine.<BR><BR>Now everything works fine !!! <BR><BR>THANK YOU !!!

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