Check it out....I can create databases in ADOX. I can create tables therein utilizing the catalog & sub objects. I desire to create a database with ADOX but FILL it thereafter with stream from XML file. Does this require that I persuse the XML file & generate the tables & sub objects as I check the xml file.. or is there an "automated" method to for example open the newly created "EMPTY" (No tables yet) database and stream.Loadfromfile(XmlFile_path as string. I see this in ADODB but it aint flying too well.<BR><BR>Peace & prayers to all who dare to consider my inquiry.<BR>PLEASE Copy your responses PLEASE to<BR>& Thank You <BR><BR>This is really a nice forum.<BR>I might even stop to answer a few questions.<BR>Love those win API&#039;s<BR>Anyone have cool examples or links for Pointers in VB &<BR> Win Api usage in VB. NOT VB.NET Please !<BR><BR>Thanks Charles T