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Thread: Finding the IE plugins directory

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    Default Finding the IE plugins directory

    From our website we have a download that needs to be installed in the plugins dircetory of IE 5.0 and higher. The problem is depending on operating system and Version of IE the directory is one of two possible<BR><BR>Program File/Plus/Internet Explorer/Plugins<BR>Program File/Internet Explorer/Plugins<BR><BR>Unfortuantly our users have had trouble selecting the proper directory. Our end user are not the most computer literate people. Im curious if there is away to specify which direcoty to dload too. I suppose we would need to find out what sytem and version the user is using. I think that can be done in asp, i could be wrong. Then is it possible to write to that specific directory for the user??<BR><BR>Thanks all

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    Default You would need to detect browser

    with JavaScript, then set the download dir according to what browser type the user is using.<BR><BR><BR>

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