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    Randy Guest

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    Development Environment:<BR>-Visual Interdev <BR>-ASP using VB Script<BR>-SQL<BR><BR>Objective:<BR>Trying to allow users to download Word documents.<BR><BR>What I&#039;ve Tried:<BR>I placed two protected Word documents in my project and then created simple hyperlinks to them from my ASP page. <BR><BR>When tested, the links work fine. Same thing when the page first goes live. But a few hours later the links will return "Page Not Found" errors.<BR><BR>If I delete the Word documents from my project, bring them back into the project, and then remap the hyperlinks they will work again...for a short time.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039;m ready to just go Acrobat.<BR>

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    Tamer Guest

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    That is very strange, seems like someone is changing the code behind your back or something, there should not be a reason why it would work for a short time then go back. How do you have the hyperlink ? Does the word doc load in the browser or do you need to download it on your desktop to view ?<BR><BR>Tamer<BR>

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