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Thread: PWS and SMTP

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    Telsa Guest

    Default PWS and SMTP

    Is there a way to setup a SMTP to test my email on PWS? Or must I put it on an IIS server, which I knows has SMTP service already setup.

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    Al Gore Guest

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    PWS and SMPT go together like George W Bush and brain cells.<BR><BR>I.E. you won&#039;t find both in the same place at the same time.

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    kpw Guest

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    Check out and their e-mail component. I have been using this on my PWS server and it works quite well.<BR><BR>(I was trying to confirm that this was the right URL and I&#039;m having a hell of a time getting in, but keep trying! A search at Google for Dynu confirms that this is the right URL.)<BR><BR>I think ASPEmail is another one that you can use on PWS.<BR><BR>Both of these are FREE!

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