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    Shelz Guest

    Default error 80070047

    this error says that <BR>"no more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time......"<BR><BR>Is there a limitation?<BR><BR>

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    Everybody hates me Guest

    Default Well what do YOU think ?

    Read the error message and see if you can guess !

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    Aha! Guest

    Default Whoah! MSDN!<BR><BR>HTH

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    Forum Police Guest

    Default Go eat some worms, dork :) <eop>


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    Shelz Guest

    Default RE: Whoah! MSDN!

    Thanks Whoah! <BR> I tried to search for this error message in hotbot but it couldn&#039;t find it.

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    Whoah! Guest

    Default No prob

    Yes, and are your error-resolution search buddies :).

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    ... Guest

    Default Hey

    You brought this on yourself, with all your ASP/JSP/pressure cooker messages, and now the fractal ASP messages. Don&#039;t expect too much sympathy. Now, if you can start acting like a normal person, and not try to bug the heck out of everyone, then people might start treating you nicely again. (After all, you have had a few intelligent replies mixed in with all the goofiness)

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