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    I have a requirement to execute a executable in a Unix machine with the Form values from an ASP page residing in a Windows machine and bring the result back to the ASP page. I used ASPExec.dll to do this and works fine. But I have some questions on this :<BR>1. Is this the correct way or I have to write a Perl program which would reside in the Unix webserver and call the Perl program from the ASP page which would in turn call the executable.<BR>2. If the executable can be called from ASP itself, then how will the system know that the process is completed and return the values to the ASP page.<BR>3. Can I use Remote scripting to call the executable from the ASP page instead of using ASPExec.dll.<BR>4. If I use ASPExec.dll, then is it enough if the dll is registered in the Windows machine where the ASP page resides and still call the executable in the Unix machine.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.

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