Hi,<BR><BR>I know this is not ASP related, but this is the best community I could find that actually answers questions. So I apologize. If anyone has an idea, or somewhere else they could point me, I would greatly appreciate it.<BR><BR>OK. We have a small internal webserver within our network. We are NATed so the internal IP for the webserver obviously differs from the external. When a user types in our external IP, it redirects it to the webserver. I am trying to create an ActiveX component that queries an SQL server DB on the webserver. It uses an ADO data control and when using the internal IP for its Data Source in the connectstring it works fine within the network. When I change it to the external IP and try it outside the network (like a client install) it doesnt work.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>SteveF <BR><BR>PS OOPS I POSTED IN MODERATED BY MISTAKE... I APOLOGIZE FOR CROSS-POSTING